Corrina Bonshek

Composer, Music-Art Events


20 July 2017, Sydney

New work for Erhu and Percussion to be performed at Poetic Energies Across Sonic Space, at Western Sydney University Playhouse Theatre at 7pm.


5 July 2017, Brisbane

Ady Ensemble will perform Journey to the Centre for string orchestra at QLD conservatorium. For more info click here.

17 June 2017, Sydney

Jason Noble will perform As Small Birds Play as part of 100 Clicks West concert series in the Blue Mountains, Sydney. View more info.

2 April, 2017 – Bleach Festival Gold Coast

Hear my new 20-minute outdoor piece for string orchestra and percussion as part of Inherit the Wind on Sunday 2 April 5:30pm at Bleach* Festival on the Gold Coast.


Inherit the Wind

On Composing Song to the Earth

Quite often my music ideas come from a compelling sound or image. In the case of Song to the Earth, it is both. One, an image – A massive flock of pigeons swirling above my head sparked the idea of a swirling live music experience. Two, a sound – summer cicadas choruses, and they way […]


Colouring Space & Time at the Gold Coast Art Gallery

On Thursday 4 August at 6pm I’ll be giving a talk and presenting a concert at the Gold Coast Art Gallery as part of their free After Dark series. The topic is music and art and how they can connect at a deep cultural level to express the spirit of a place and time. I’ll […]