Centennial Park Labyrinth Opening 15 September 2014

In 2013, I began an amazing musical journey to write a piece of music for the labyrinth at Centennial Park in Sydney. Back then, the labyrinth was a painted path on the grass and I had a handful of musical ideas and a vision of a piece of music that gave listeners a meditation-like experience of joy and transcendence.

centennial park labyrinthToday, the labyrinth is a stunning work of public art. Constructed using heritage grade Wonderbyne sandstone, this labyrinth follows the design and exact measurements of Chatres Cathedral labyrinth, which was built in the early 13th century on the principles of sacred geometry. These measurements were designed to create a sense of harmony when you look at, or walk, the labyrinth.

With the labyrinth as my guide, I believe I have come the closest yet to my goal of creating music that evokes a deep sense of inner peace. At times when I strayed from my initial vision – by writing music that was too busy or exciting – the labyrinth helped guide me back. Read my artistic statement on how I created this work here.

I want to thank Emily Simpson for welcoming and supporting my musical vision for the labyrinth, and congratulate her on bringing this labyrinth into being. The labyrinth is a gift for everyone in the community to walk on and enjoy. Find out how the labyrinth came to be created here.

I hope that you will join me at the Opening Ceremony of the Centennial Park Labyrinth at 12:30pm on Monday 15th September. It will be officially opened by the NSW Governor, Dame Marie Bashir and blessed by wisdom keepers of many different faith traditions.

Directions for finding Centennial Park Labyrinth:

The labyrinth is located beside Lachlan Swamp, in between the Duck Pond and the Willow Pond. If travelling by car and entering from Oxford St, Paddington, head straight down Parkes Drive, past the Cafe Pavilion, through the centre of the park and turn left into Dickens Drive. Go past Loch Ave, which veers off to the left. The labyrinth is about 100 metres further along Dickens Drive in the small field on the right, beside Lachlan Swamp. See a detailed map of the Centennial Park.

Centennial park Sydney