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The Dancing Waters performed by Karin Schaupp, composed by Corrina Bonshek. Release Date 23 Oct 2023.

Far Eastern Curlew Lament and Between Sea and Sky composed for The Bowerbird Collective as part of Life on Land’s Edge. Released June 30, 2023.

Laniakea composed by Corrina Bonshek and Michael Askill. Performed by Jasmine Chen and Michael Askill. Spatialisation, digital effects, mixing and mastering by Anna Whitaker. Released 2 September 2022.

Dreams of the Earth conducted by Adrian Head and performed by Ady Ensemble on Relive (LIVE) New Works for Orchestra and Large Ensemble. Release Date 5 Feb 2021.

Nature Spirit recorded by pianist Alex Ranieri and featured on Inventions 2019.

As Small Birds Play recorded by clarinettist Jason Noble and featured on Chi’s Cakewalk 2017.

Listening Party

Listen to playlist of selected works by Corrina Bonshek below.

Selected List of Scored Works

Scores available on request. Get in touch via my contact page.

The Dancing Waters (2023)

For classical guitar. 3mins. Composed for Karin Schaupp. Premiered at Queensland Conservatorium of Music August 2023.

Call from the Deep – the Whales Speak to Us (2023)

Commissioned by the Great Barrier Reef Festival with support from the Queensland Government via Arts Queensland. 1. The Ocean Glistens Under Moonlight for Violin and recorded Whalesong. 4mins. 2. Sanctuary for Flute and recorded Whalesong. 4mins. 3. Deep Dive for Bass Clarinet and recorded Whalesong. 4mins. 4. Rhythms of the Reef for mixed ensemble and reef recordings. 5mins. Premiered at Great Barrier Reef Festival by Idris Harries, Laura Robson, Finn Williams and talented young musicians from Proserpine region. August 6, 2023.

Still Shimmering (2023)

For mixed ensemble of Chinese and Western Instruments. 12mins. Composed for Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra. Premiered on Nov 8, National Theatre and Concert Hall Taipei, Taiwan.

The Space Between Us (2022)

for mixed ensemble. 30minutes. Co-commissioned by Alex Raineri for Brisbane Music Festival, with generous support from the APRA AMCOS Art Music Fund (in partnership with the Australian Music Centre and SOUNZ), Arts Queensland, and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. Premiered Brisbane Music Festival, St John’s Cathedral. Dec 9.

Far Eastern Curlew Lament (2021)

For Violin and Cello. 6mins. Commissioned by The Bowerbird Collective with support from Australian Council for the Arts and BirdLife Australia. Touring 2022-23 as part of The Bowerbird Collective’s Life on Land’s Edge.

Between Sea and Sky (2021)

For Birdwhistle and Cello. 5mins. Commissioned by The Bowerbird Collective with support from Australian Council for the Arts and BirdLife Australia. Tourig 2022-23 as part of The Bowerbird Collective’s Life on Land’s Edge.

I hear her name (2021)

Text by Tasnim Hossain. 8mins. For coloratura soprano, recorders and electroacoustic track. Commissioned by Blush Opera for 12 Threads, New Australian Art Song project.Composed with support from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. Premiered at the Vicki Lee Gallery in Surry Hills, June 2021.

Spirit Orphan – A Chamber Opera in Development, Evacuation Scene (2021) 

Opera creator Jenna Robertson. Composer & Sound Designer Corrina Bonshek. 16min scene for solo soprano/narrator, with small chorus of 2 x soprano, 2 x alto, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano. Premiered at Brisbane Music Festival, April 2021.

Nature Sketches (2021)

For orchestra and sound design (9 mins). Commissioned by Kur-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra. Workshopped in Sydney, November 2021.

PFAS are Forever (2020) 

For xylosynth and sound design (9 mins). Commissioned by Luis Bittencourt. Composed with support from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Laniakea II (2020)

For solo percussion and sound design (16-21 mins). Composed with Michael Askill with mixing, spatialisation and effects by Anna Whitaker.

Laniakea (2019)

For pipa, percussion and sound design.  Circa 40mins. Composed for Jasmine Chen (Taiwan) and Michael Askill (Australia). With mixing, spatialisation and effects by Anna Whitaker. Film by Daniel Belton & Good Company Arts. Circa 40minutes. Supported by HOTA Home of Arts and City of Gold Coast through HOTA’s Creative Development Program

Song to the Earth Featuring Kayan Parap (2019)

A collaboration with Adrian Jo Milang. Composition for Gongs & Shah Kaman by Corrina Bonshek. Parap Composition by Adrian Jo Milang. Circa 30 minutes. Premiered on July 12 at Rainforest Fringe Festival, Malaysia 2019. Co-produced by The Tuyang Initiative and Corrina Bonshek.

Lotus Flower Offering (2019)

For Soprano, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in Bb, Bassoon, Violin & Cello. Circa 7minutes. Composed for Taryn Shroj & Sirius Ensemble.

Dreams of the Earth (2018)

For String Orchestra. Composed for Ady Ensemble. Arrangement of Song to the Earth I. Recorded at 4MBS on Sunday 16 December 2018, Brisbane Australia.

Out on the Wind II (2018)

For Orchestra. Composed for Beecroft Orchestra. Premiered on Sunday 2 November 2018 at St Albans Church Epping, Australia.

Song to the Earth I, II, III (2018)

For String orchestra and percussion. Circa 90minutes. Composed for DeepBlue and Michael Askill. Artistic Director Corrina Bonshek. Produced by Bleach* The Gold Coast Festival. Premiered April 2018 as part of Bleach* The Gold Coast Festival and Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Arts and Culture Festival.

Up in the Clouds (2017)

For Flute, Clarinets, Violin, Cello, Piano and Vibraphone. Circa 11 minutes. Composed for All of the Above. Premiered November 16, 2017 as part of Cincinnati Soundbox’s Cincinatti to Sydney concert.

Sketching Breath Sketching Infinity (2017)

For Erhu and Percussion. Circa 8 minutes. A collaboration with visual artist Jo Davies, poet Bella Li, erhu player Ying Liu and percussionist Claire Edwards. Premiered at Poetic Energies on July 20, 2017 at Western Sydney University.

Birds Singing At First Light (2017)

For Erhu, Guzheng, Pipa and nature sounds by Wild Ambience. Circa 8 minutes. Premiered by Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra at the 2017 Taipei International Festival of Arts, March 25, 2017.

Lotus Flower Offering (2016)

For Operatic Tenor and Pinpeat ensemble. Circa 5 mins. Workshopped with students at the Royal University of Fine Arts and Sethisak Khuon (tenor). This trip was funded as part of Power Up Your Arts Mentorship by City of Gold Coast.

Blossoming (2016)

For Pei Pok (Cambodia flute), Roneat Ek (Cambodia Xylophone) and Viola. Circa 5 mins. Premiered at Faculty Concert of Nirmita Composers Workshops. Siem Reap, Cambodia. This trip was funded as part of Power Up Your Arts Mentorship by City of Gold Coast.

Nature Spirit (2016)

For solo pianist. Circa 8 minutes. Composed for Alex Raineri. Premiered June 11, 2016 at Gretel Farm, Bangalow NSW.

Cicada Song (2016)

For solo percussionist and video projections. Circa 16 minutes.

Composed for Angus Wilson. Video Imagery by Rachel Jones. Photography by Ryan Simpson, Eddy Lee, Kristinn Hermanniusson. Premiered at Amazing Women 5, March 19, 2016, Ian Hanger Recital Hall, QLD Conservatorium within Griffith University. Also performed at the 2016 Australian Percussion Gathering.

Desert Time (2015)

For solo Pipa. Circa 8 minutes. Composed for Chen Yu Rong. Premiered at Eslite Recital Hall Taipei on June 3, 2016.

The Nature of Silence (2015)

for 2 singers and Khlui, Saw Dueng, Ching. Circa 7 minutes. Co-created with traditional Thai musicians at 2015 Experimental Thai Music Laboratory as part of an 11-day residency at Burapha Music and Performing Arts International Festival 2015.

Journey to the Centre (2015)

For String Orchestra. Circa 7 minutes. Arrangement for Ady Ensemble. Premiered at St Andrews Uniting Church on June 11, 2016.

Journey to the Centre – Music for Centennial Park Labyrinth (2014)

Audio work for download or streaming while walking Centennial Park Labyrinth in Sydney. Permanently installed at Centennial Park, Sydney.
Performed by Alan Smith, Jane Burroughs, Nicholas Tomkin, Kathryn Close. Nature Sounds by Wild Ambience. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Geoff McGahan. This work is featured in ABC TV’s The Compass Show, Radio National Off Track’s It is Made by Walking and was the subject of the radio documentary The Labyrinth Meditation for Radio National’s The Rhythm Divine (available for download).

As Small Birds Play music film (2012)

Inspired by and filmed in Centennial Park. Premiered at ‘The Light Garden’ event in Centennial Park to an audience of over 29,000 people. Film by Rachael Jones based on ‘As Small Birds Play’ music composed by Corrina Bonshek for clarinet.
Performed by Sue Newsome. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Benedict Carey.

Out on the Wind (2011 rev 2012)

For Bb Clarinet, Cello, Piano. Circa 7 minutes.
Premiered by Charisma on Thursday 6 June 2013 at University of Technology Sydney. Recorded for Charisma’s forthcoming CD of works by Australian Women Composers.

As Small Birds Play (2010/11)
As Small Birds Play film by Rachael Jones

For Bb Clarinet or Bass Clarinet with recorded bird calls. Circa 5 minutes.
Bass Clarinet version premiered by Sue Newsome at Recital hall west, Sydney Conservatorium of Music on September 19, 2012.
Bb Clarinet version premiered by Sue Newsome at Centennial Park 125th Anniversary launch November 2012.
Image copyright Rachael Jones. Originally composed in 2010 for Bassoon. Commissioned by Sophia Rhee.

Shadows and Dreams at the Female Orphan School (2005)
orphan distant

Site-specific music-art tour with live music, visual art exhibition and sound design. Co-created by Corrina Bonshek (composer and project co-ordinator), Jane Davidson (visual artist), Emma Stacker (electroacoustic composer) and Gretchen Miller (writer).

Performed as part of the 2005 National Trust Heritage Festival.
Supported by UWS Regional and Community Grants Scheme, the Whitlam Institute and Parramatta City Council.

Ellen Mourns the Loss of Her Family (2005)

Violin I, Violin II, Violoncello. Circa 18 minutes.
Premiered at Shadows and Dreams at the Female Orphan School – a music art tour around a treasured heritage building.
Performed by Christopher Kimber, Kathryn Chilmaid and Julia Ryder.

Image : ‘Shadows and Dreams I’ artwork by Jane Davidson (copyright 2005).

The Dream-memory of my mother’s voice (2005)

Soprano and brass/sax septet. Circa 6 minutes.
Premiered at Shadows and Dreams at the Female Orphan School – a music art tour around a heritage building.
Performed by Karen Cummings, Steve Clark, Brendan Smyly, Johnathan Dole, Tim Billards, Preston Hardy, Cassandra McGlynn, Nancy Mylott, Nathan Harrison.

becoming-dog (2001, rev 2005)

a 25 minute scored/improvised music theatre work for soprano/narrator, digital effects and six piece instrumental ensemble. Dramaturgy by Mark Seton.
Premiered at University of Western Sydney at the culmination of a ten week workshop with student performers Rosaria Ruffino, Tim Billiards, Daniel McMahon, Libby Hyett, Josh Isaacs.

Project Reverie

An audio-visual installation by Anna Bonshek and Corrina Bonshek comprising Reverie I, Reverie II and Reverie II – Trajectory and Trace exhibited at Dakshina Chitra Centre, Chennai, India, April 2004 and Visual Arts Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi, May 2004.

Reverie II was screened at the School of Visual Arts, New York 2001 and Q-Pix, Brisbane 2001.

Reverie I (2002)
Screen Shot 2013 03 12 at 9.57.36 PM

8 minute dual screen video installation with quadraphonic sound.

Visual Imagery by Anna Bonshek. Electroacoustic music by Corrina Bonshek.
Performed by Vershawn Saunders. Music performance by Corrina Bonshek and Leigh Giles.
Premiered at Sonic Circus, University of Western Sydney 2003.

Image : Video still by Anna Bonshek (copyright 2002).

Reverie II (2001)
Screen Shot 2013 03 12 at 10.04.04 PM

21 minute stereo audio/visual installation by Anna Bonshek and Corrina Bonshek.
Music composed by editing and digitally processing improvised flute, violin and viol de gamba samples played by Christine Mitchell, Linda Jelacic and Eleanor Lewis.
Dancers & performers: Vershawn Saunders, Catherine Wells, Corrina Bonshek & Anna Bonshek.

Image : Video still by Anna Bonshek (copyright 2001).

This and That (2000)

4 minute video, text, music, dance work created by Akkshara Productions. Music composed using improvised flute and recorder samples performed by Angela Grima.
Screened at Liminality and Performance, Brunel University, Department of Performing Arts, London UK, 2000 and Feedback: the 8th Biennial Symposium on Arts & Technology, Massachusetts, USA, 2001.

Interstices (1999)

50 minute music theatre work interweaving two song cycles, one composed by Corrina Bonshek, the other by Lara Biernoff.
Instrumentation: soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, flute, violin, guitar, harp and marimba.
Premiered at University of Western Sydney, October 1999. Performance Season at Sydney College of the Arts – Rozelle Campus, 6-7 November 1999.

Three songs for voice, flute, violin and guitar (1999)

‘Misappropriated Moments’ (4mins), ‘Mutual Agreement’ (3.5mins), ‘Between Sand and Sea’ (4mins) performed at the Spring Festival, Young Composer’s Salon, The Studio, Sydney Opera House. Broadcast on ABC Classic FM.

Compulsion (1999)

For concert band. Circa 5 minutes.
Composed for Land Cove Concert Band. Premiered at Zenith Theatre, Chatswood.

Assimilation 1 and 2 (1999)

For soprano and alto. Circa 5 minutes.
Premiered by The Song Company, Casula Powerhouse.

Outpost (1998)

For slide whistle, violin, three guitars, double bass. Circa 8 minutes.
Composed for Matthew Bolliger’s recycled timber instruments. Premiered by Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst and broadcast live on Radio National’s The Music Show.

Domo Arigato (1997)

For flute, violin, bass clarinet, three guitars, and prepared piano. Circa 5 minutes.
Selected for the Darwin International Guitar Festival Australian Composers Workshop 1997.

Phonological Examination (1997)

For six-part choir. Circa 5 minutes.
Composed for and premiered by the Hills Chorale, as part of the Hills Chorale young composers competition.