Sketching Breath Sketching Infinity

A collaboration between composer Corrina Bonshek, visual artist Jo Davies, Erhu player Ying Liu and Percussionist Claire Edwardes.

 ‘delicate score of unfolding sound colours with fluidity of form’ says Bruce Crossman.

Jo’s ink drawings began with the abstract image of the breath in and the breath out. Later, some of the images transformed into more figurative work, incorporating landscape images inspired by the poems of Bella Li

Corrina’s music is inspired by the idea of a cosmic breath in and out that forms a dynamic of transformation and silence. It takes the form of a sound-colour poem where a simple gesture is transformed as it passes between instruments and voices (spoken and sung) taking on new character along the way. At times, the music is reminiscent of devotional chant, Chinese folk melody, Indian vocal percussion, or the wind. The spoken voice sound-painting is inspired by Bella Li’s ‘The Island Coronado, or, A Brief History of Industry’, which is about a landscape/moment in history on the cusp of transformation.

Premiered at Poetic Energies Across Sonic Space July 23 2017 at Western Sydney University.