Song to the Earth III

Let the sound of the gongs reverberate through you in this 30-minute immersive performance installation featuring Gong Orchestra led by Dr Michael Askill and Greta Kelly on the hauntingly beautiful Shah Keman (Persian Violin).

This work is available to tour and can be staged as an installation for walking audience or as a concert work.

Creative Team

Composition: Dr Corrina Bonshek

Featured Musicians: Dr Michael Askill (Gong Lead) and Greta Kelly (Shah Kaman)

Local Gong Players x 6

Sound Design: Mixed by Anna Whitaker with Curlew recording by Wild Ambience.


Song to the Earth was co-commissioned by the City of Gold Coast, Bleach* The Gold Coast Festival and the Queensland Government through the Regional Arts Development Fund and the Office of the Commonwealth Games and other funding sources. Produced by Bleach* The Gold Coast Festival.

Special thanks to Andrew Ayliffe and partner for custom-built gong stands.

Special thanks to Phoenix Central Park for the beautiful full-length video of this work performed by Michael Askill and Greta Kelly with Ian Cleworth, Huan Bourne Blue, Saskia Abigail Shearer, Salina Myat, Ruari Campbell, Blake Roden.

Production History

2019 | Rainforest Fringe Festival July 11 & 12, Sarawak, Malaysia (in a new version featuring Kayan Parap see Song to the Earth Featuring Kayan Parap).

2018 | Flowstate Festival, May 16-19, Brisbane AU.

2018 | Bleach* Festival and Festival 2018 of Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) arts and culture program, April 7 & 8, Gold Coast, AU.