The Great Attractor

A hypnotic performance installation inspired by cosmic forces of expansion and contraction at work in the universe.

Pipa virtuoso Yu-Rong Chen is performer activator within new media installation based on lumarca open source code and projection surface by Albert Hwang, Matt Parker and Elliot Woods.

Development begins in May 2018 with workshop between Bonshek and Yu-Rong Chen.

Creative Team:

Composer and electronics: Corrina Bonshek (Australia)

Performer: Yu-Rong Chen (Taiwan)

Digital Media: Daniel Belton

Costume: Tiffany Beckwith-Skinner

Bio of Yu-Rong Chen.

Born in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan, Yu-Rong Chen has forged a career as one of the leading pipa virtuosos of her generation. She completed her master studies at the National Taiwan University of Arts, Department of Music, under the instruction of Prof. Shou-Chou Lai and Ming-Xi Wang. She has toured to Alaska, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and Guangxi, and honoured as 2015 Young Star of Chinese Music, performing the premiere pipa concerto Yue Fei, The Valor at the national concert hall. Chen has performed concertos with National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, TCO Youth Orchestra and Hsinchu City Youth Chinese Orchestra, and these long-standing relationship had enriched her stage experience. Her distinguished charisma and the soulful, richly hued playing is in high-demand.

Previous collaboration between Corrina Bonshek & Yu-Rong Chen