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charisma ensemble image by Kirsty Beilhartz

Charisma to premiere Out on the Wind

Sydney ensemble Charisma will be premiering my piece ‘Out on the Wind’ for clarinet, cello and piano on Thursday 6 June 2013 at University of Technology Sydney as part of a concert of mostly Australian music. The concert starts at 6:30pm on Thursday 6 June at Bon Marche Studio (Building 3), University of Technology Sydney, entry via […]

Rachael Jones Filmmaker

The Making of ‘As Small Birds Play’ Film

Composer Corrina Bonshek and film-maker Rachael Jones teamed up in November 2012 to create the music film As Small Birds Play for Centennial Park’s 125th Anniversary. With support from Centennial Park, Rachael flew down from Byron Bay to Sydney and created the short film over 7 days. This is how they did it. First came […]

Corrina and Rainbow Lorrikeets

Composing ‘As Small Birds Play’ in Centennial Park

I fell in love with birdsong in 2008 when I moved close to Centennial Park, and Rainbow Lorrikeets began visiting my balcony garden. At that time, I was taking a break from composing. The effort of finishing my PhD and left me depleted. The focus of my life had shifted, temporarily, away from music to […]

Listening to birdsong as a spiritual experience

I love going into nature and letting everyday concerns just slip away.  The sights and sounds of nature –  like, the curve of a tree root or the call of a bird – strike my consciousness with such beauty and force that lose myself in a kind of joyous contemplation. Taoists say that when you […]

Recording Bird Calls in Capertee Valley

Last year I took a trip to Capertee Valley in the Blue Mountains in search of birds to record. Capertee (kay-per-tee) is on the Bathurst road just beyond Lithgow and about 3 hours drive west of Sydney. To reach the valley, you turn off the highway and drive until the bitchumen disappears and the mountain range rises […]