‘As Small Birds Play’ Film Seen By Over 29,000 people

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‘As Small Birds Play’ music film was commissioned by Centennial Park for their 125years anniversary event ‘The Light Garden’, which was held on January 18-27, 2013 and attended by approx 29,000 people.

The film, by Rachael Jones, was shot entirely in Centennial Park, and is based on Corrina Bonshek’s piece ‘As Small Birds Play’, which was composed two years earlier as a tribute to her favourite walk through Lachlan Swamp in Centennial Park. To find out more about Corrina’s composition see Composing As Small Birds Play in Centennial Park.

Filmmaker Rachael Jones was ‘led’ by the music in her creation of the film. Reflecting on the filmmaking process, Rachael Jones says. ‘Before I even touched the camera, the music had instilled me with beautiful imagery that I then had to work out how to capture. The park did the rest. I found those moments of playfulness with the birds, stillness and meditative beauty that being in those surroundings can give you.’ Find out more about how the film was created in the Making of As Small Birds Play music film.

Artistic Team
Composer/Producer: Corrina Bonshek
Filmmaker: Rachael Jones
Music performer: Sue Newsome
Sound recording, mixing and mastering: Benedict Carey

One thought on “‘As Small Birds Play’ Film Seen By Over 29,000 people

  1. Robyn

    In the 70s and 80s I walked and ran through and around Centenial Park quite often. After viewing and hearing the music of “As Small Birds Play” at Centenial Park, has inspired me to return with my Beautiful Daughter to the park. We will listen to the music and experience the Labrynth. This will be a very spiritual experience. Thank you to the Artisic Team.

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