As Small Birds Play – 05:10

As Small Birds Play - 05:10
As Small Birds Play – 05:10
Duration:05:00   Year:2012
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One of my favourite walks in Sydney’s Centennial Park is the path through the densely wooded Lachlan Swamp. This piece is inspired by my experiences of sitting quietly amongst the Paperbark trees and listening to the birds and insects there. In the music, bird calls and the rapid, darting, bird movements are suggested through the lively variations of the main melody. This ‘bird’ music is balanced by held high notes and slow, free-flowing phrases that symbolise a kind of deep tranquility or contemplative silence that is so easy to slip into while sitting in nature. My musical expression of that stillness is, in part, influenced by Japanese Gagaku and its free-flowing, breath-length phrasing.

Centennial Park Sydney used this piece as anthem for their 125th Birthday celebrations in 2013.

This music is performed by Sue Newsome with sound recording, mixing and mastering by Benedict Carey.