Behind the Scenes Chat Dreams of the Earth

The Story Behind the Release

Just before the release of Dreams of the Earth on Navona Live label compilation ReLIVE: Live works for Orchestra & Large Ensemble, Conductor Adrian Head and I sat down to reflect on the 4-year journey from composing to release starting in part I, with how we met. This chat continues in two additional parts. In […]

Dreams of the Earth

Dreams of the Earth on Parma Recordings Released on February 5, 2021

Dreams of the Earth is being released by Parma Recordings Navona label on February 5 2021 as part of a compilation of new works for orchestra and large ensemble. This piece is was sparked by a conversation with one of my long-term collaborators, conductor Adrian Head who is artistic director & founder of Ady Ensemble. Adrian suggested […]

Walking the Labyrinth at Centennial Park

Tranquil Music for Labyrinth Walk at Brunswick Heads

A long-term meditator and nature enthusiast, Corrina Bonshek composed Journey to the Centre in 2014 for people to listen to while walking the labyrinth at Centennial Park. This audio work is available to stream or download and listen to via headphones. Audiences at Brunswick Nature Sculpture Trail 2018 can experience the tranquility of this heartfelt music whilst […]

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Song to the Earth at Flowstate

From May 16-19 2018, Song to the Earth had a four-night season at Flowstate, a new open-air pavilion at Southbank, Brisbane Australia. We were delighted with the season. Flowstate kindly interviewed me for printed program and here are my responses below: Flowstate presents Song to the Earth Artist Statement Often my music is inspired by patterns […]

On Composing Song to the Earth

Quite often my music ideas come from a compelling sound or image. In the case of Song to the Earth, it is both. One, an image – A massive flock of pigeons swirling above my head sparked the idea of a swirling live music experience. Two, a sound – summer cicadas choruses, and they way […]