Tranquil Music for Labyrinth Walk at Brunswick Heads

A long-term meditator and nature enthusiast, Corrina Bonshek composed Journey to the Centre in 2014 for people to listen to while walking the labyrinth at Centennial Park. This audio work is available to stream or download and listen to via headphones.

Audiences at Brunswick Nature Sculpture Trail 2018 can experience the tranquility of this heartfelt music whilst walking the path of the festival labyrinth between September 28 and Oct 2, 2018.

What is a Labyrinth?

It is a path for walking meditation. Unlike a maze, the path has no deadends and does not split or divert. There is one single path that leads from the outside and winds its way to the centre.

The spiraling path of the labyrinth creates space for reflection, contemplation and the opportunity for mind-body to simply let go. When stress gets lodged in our bodies, it can feel easier to ‘walk it out’ and the gentle music will help pacify your nervous system as you do so.

Music as Meditation

Just as walking can be meditation in action, so can listening to music, provided that the music supports this experience. Composer Corrina Bonshek uses long pauses, gently unfolding harmonies like waves on a pond to capture the listener’s attention while giving them space to be.

Take a listen to her labyrinth music here and experience it on the labyrinth at Brunswick Heads NSW on September 28- Oct 2, 2018, as part of the Brunswick Nature Sculpture Trail.