The Dancing Waters performed by Karin Schaupp, composed by Corrina Bonshek. Release Date 23 Oct 2023.

Far Eastern Curlew Lament and Between Sea and Sky composed for The Bowerbird Collective as part of Life on Land’s Edge. Released June 30, 2023.

Laniakea composed by Corrina Bonshek and Michael Askill. Performed by Jasmine Chen and Michael Askill. Spatialisation, digital effects, mixing and mastering by Anna Whitaker. Released 2 September 2022.

Dreams of the Earth conducted by Adrian Head and performed by Ady Ensemble on Relive (LIVE) New Works for Orchestra and Large Ensemble. Release Date 5 Feb 2021.

Nature Spirit recorded by pianist Alex Ranieri and featured on Inventions 2019.

As Small Birds Play recorded by clarinettist Jason Noble and featured on Chi’s Cakewalk 2017.

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